McTimoney therapy

The McTimoney technique is a non invasive holistic technique which works to align and balance the animal’s musculoskeletal system, by manipulating any misaligned joints throughout the whole body, with special attention to the spine and pelvis.

It helps to restore and maintain health, movement, soundness and performance, and alleviates pain.

Only the practitioner’s hands are used, and the gentle nature of the technique means most animals accept it readily.

What is a misalignment?

A misalignment is when a bone is not in correct alignment with the bones on either side of it throughout the neck and back, it can also be seen as an asymmetrical pelvis.

When an animal is subjected to either a sudden trauma or repetitive source of strain, the muscle tissues respond by tensing and can go into spasm. As muscles tighten the joints they move become more restricted within their normal range of motion. In turn the body acts to compensate for these restrictions, altering further how the body is working and moving. These areas are termed misalignments.

Misalignments may also cause nerve impingement of pressure, again leading to further loss of movement and also pain and discomfort, at both the area of misalignment and also at other areas of the body that the nerves act to function.

Misalignments may impair the animal’s normal range of movement and performance, which can lead to pain and discomfort. These misalignments can be corrected using McTimoney adjustments.

The adjustments

McTimoney adjustments help to release muscle tension and spasms, allowing bones to return to correct alignment, and restore joints maximum range of motion, as well as maximising nerve function.

The adjustments are performed by hand, relying on precision and speed rather than force, which makes the technique gentle and readily accepted by animals. The practitioner carriers out adjustments throughout the neck, back and pelvis in areas of misalignments, applying energy to the area quicker than the reflex of a muscle, to release the muscle spasm and allow the body to return the its natural correct alignment.

IEBWA: International Equine Body Worker Association